Bad Dog Agility Podcast

In this episode (43:18)

In this episode, Sarah, Jennifer, and Esteban are joined by Chris Kerton aka Kert, Handler Fitness Coach for Team Great Britain and owner of Karma Fitness.

You Will Learn

  • How fitness training can be specialized for dog agility handlers.
  • Why anaerobic fitness is important for agility.
  • How strength training can help prevent injury.
  • Why mistakes may be more common toward the end of courses.


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In this episode (34:35)

In this episode, Sarah, Jennifer, and Esteban share their tricks for developing new habits that will help your dog agility in 2021.

You Will Learn

  • Why you need to move past will power to create new habits.
  • How his family locked Esteban out of eating candy.
  • Why people like to socialize after an agility trial.
  • How to use Netflix to condition your dogs.
  • When you might benefit from an accountability partner.


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In this episode (25:09)

In this podcast, Sarah, Jennifer, and Esteban define strategy and execution while exploring the difference between them.

You Will Learn

  • The difference between strategy and execution.
  • How to use course maps to develop your strategies.
  • How to develop strategies without course maps.
  • Why visualization can help your strategic planning.
  • How instructors can tailor classes for strategy or execution.
  • Why execution applies to dog training as well as handling.


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