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In this episode (34:35)

In this episode, Sarah and Esteban talk with Jennifer Crank and Sarah Baker about how they manage their time and their dog from the moment they take them out of a crate for a run to the moment they put them back in the crate after the run.

You Will Learn

  • When and how to get your dog ready to run.
  • How to structure your dog’s reinforcement schedule around each run at a trial.
  • Common mistakes people make before and after runs.
  • The big mistake people make when using food before their run.
  • How to use toys or your dog’s leash effectively.
  • Why bicycles are so unstable.


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In this episode (24:19)

In this episode, Sarah and Esteban discuss how to recognize and combat tilt in your dog training.

You Will Learn

  • How a moment of tilt can set your dog back in their training.
  • How to recognize and avoid tilting in your agility training.
  • Which dogs are most affected by a handler on tilt.


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In this episode (15:27)

What can you do when something works for everyone else’s dog but not your own? In this episode, Sarah and Esteban talk about understanding your dog’s issues in the context of the agility spectrum.

You Will Learn

  • How many dogs earned a qualifying score in the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2016.
  • Why you shouldn’t feel like you’re the only one dealing with a specific problem in agility.
  • How to find help for your specific problem.
  • Why you should leave your poker chips at home before going to the jungle.


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