Bad Dog Agility Podcast

In this episode (54:46)

Sarah and Esteban talk with Susan Garrett about helping your dog drop less bars.

You Will Learn

  • Susan Garrett’s protocol for knocked bars, and which dogs it’s appropriate for.
  • Common training mistakes people make when addressing bar knocking.
  • If you should be quiet when your dog is jumping.
  • How to help your dog avoid brushing wings/uprights.
  • How Response Cost influences a dog’s bar knocking.
  • The importance of jump training, handling, and strength and conditioning for success.
  • How Susan trains jumping with her young dog.
  • The next big challenge in dog agility.
  • The significance of a rhetorical question.


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In this episode (13:48)

In this podcast, Sarah and Esteban share a commonly used and free app/website for agility record keeping, including trial results and training sessions.

You Will Learn

  • Why you should create and use a Group in Facebook for your record keeping.
  • What kind of information you should record/track.
  • How to create a Group in Facebook.
  • Who to include (and not include) in your Group.
  • The defining property of inert gases.


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In this episode (23:39)
In this podcast, Sarah and Esteban share their tips for course building in your own backyard.

You Will Learn
The size of Esteban’s shoe.
How to use a centerline to build your course.
How much a large measuring wheel costs at Home Depot.
Which spatial relationships are important to keep.
How different types of jumps and bar lengths affect your course build.
What elemental gold says if you’re caught trespassing.

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