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Improve your training by taking the time to reset your dog properly after a mistake.


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The bulk of your agility training time is spent in transition from one repetition to the next! In this podcast, we discuss the importance of this transition time and how short, rewarding transitions will help your agility training!



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In this podcast, we delve into the challenges and myths involved in transitioning a dog to European-style international coursework, including “demotivating” maneuvers, wrap versus rear cross confusion, bar knocking, and more.


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We’ve got Desiree Snelleman on the podcast to talk about her latest National Agility Championship win as well as her experiences at Crufts, FCI Worlds, IFCS and her life before dog agility!
(photo by Howard Boyle)


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We’re back from the 2015 AKC National Agility Championship and sharing our thoughts on the event, the courses, the results, and the livestream!


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