Bad Dog Agility Podcast

In this episode (30:03)

Members of the Aces High Flyball Team that won Crufts join Sarah and Esteban to talk about breeding, raising, training, and competing with their dogs in the great sport of flyball.

You Will Learn

  • Traits that make great flyball dogs.
  • Why Whippets are gaining popularity as sport dogs.
  • Why flyball competitors value tugging.
  • How social media increased visibility for flyball around the world.


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In this episode (21:58)

In this episode, Sarah and Jennifer share six things you can do today to help your dogs that gets distracted or shuts down in training or trialing.

You Will Learn

  • How to increase your rate of reinforcement to keep your distracted dog engaged.
  • How a focus on transitions changed how Jennifer teaches live classes.
  • How to use different leashes to improve your crate to crate routine.
  • How to predict where your dog will become distracted on course.


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In this episode (36:12)

In this episode, Jennifer Crank shares her experience as the 16″ winner at the inaugural AKC Agility Premier Cup by EEM.

You Will Learn

  • How the event was run.
  • Who won the $10,000 prize pool.
  • What was in the VIP area for competitors.


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