Bad Dog Agility Podcast

In this episode (24:32)

In this podcast, Esteban, Sarah and Jennifer discuss why having a dog that trusts you is so important in dog agility training.

You Will Learn

  • How the trust relates to speed.
  • How consistency relates to trust.
  • How personality can affect your dog’s reaction to incomplete information.
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In this episode (1:14:33)

In this podcast, Jennifer Crank goes from podcast co-host to interviewee. Jennifer and border collie P!nk won the overall Masters Champion at this past weekend’s Masters Agility Championship at Westminster held in New York City and made history as the first non-20″ dog to earn the title.

You Will Learn

  • How the Westminster Masters Agility Champion is selected.
  • The results of the 2020 Westminster Masters Agility Championship.
  • Our thoughts on the broadcast and answers to the most common questions from our listeners.


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In this episode (48:55)

This week we introduced a new speed-based ranking, the All-Decade Power 70. In this podcast, we discuss this ranking and the trends we see in agility over the past 10 years.

You Will Learn

  • How the All-Decade Ranking was created.
  • Why there are 70 ranked dogs instead of 60.
  • Why we think so many of the ranked dogs are from the last few years.
  • What breed dominates the ranking.


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