Bad Dog Agility Podcast

In this episode (35:05)

Lori Daigle, the 8″ winner of the 2015 Masters Agility Championship at Westminster, joins us to discuss the challenges of running agility with a small dog.



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In this episode (52:44)

We discuss the results of the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster, the event structure, thoughts on crowning a champion, the broadcast, a heartwarming tale of triumph after TPLO, and Cesar Millan intruding on the sport of agility.


Enjoy this video of Brittany Schaezler’s sheltie Ticket!



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In this episode (21:03)

In this podcast, we discuss how to use your time effectively before, during, and after the walkthrough to reduce forgetfulness on course. We also discuss some tips for improving your course memorization skills.


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In this episode (40:04)

We discuss our thoughts on ranking systems including the AKC Invitational rankings and our own Power 60 and Breed Power 10.



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