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In this episode (38:58)

In this episode, Sarah and Esteban talk with USA AKC/FCI World Team member Jennifer Crank about being a mom and competitor while managing a human child in the dog agility world.

You Will Learn

  • How far along in their pregnancies both Jennifer and Sarah ran agility.
  • How Jennifer started in the sport as a very young child.
  • Why it’s helpful to establish a relationship with children and their parents at trials if your dog is not good with children.
  • How children can help prepare your dog for big events like Westminster.
  • How and why unsanctioned “Cup” events are starting to appear here in the United States.
  • A clever thing to say to a vending machine.


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In this episode (26:17)

In this podcast, Sarah and Esteban talk with John Nys, the overall winner of this year’s Masters Agility Championship at Westminster about the show, the courses, the crowds, and Madison Square Garden!

You Will Learn

  • How border collie Trick overcame injury to win Westminster.
  • How the audience impacts the atmosphere of the trial.
  • How John managed running two dogs in the televised final.
  • What kind of impact Westminster is having on the sport of dog agility.


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In this episode (17:52)

In this episode, Sarah and Esteban explore social networks in dog agility and share 3 tips for creating your very own powerful support system to get you through the tough times.

You Will Learn

  • Why developing your own social network in agility is important.
  • How to develop your personal network by casting a wide net, being proactive, and using technology.
  • How to approach strangers at dog shows (with a video example).
  • A safe, constructive way to complain/vent without offending others or being attacked.


Flow is Flow

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