Bad Dog Agility Podcast

In this episode (29:33)

We discuss the possibility that advances in handling have made the sport too dependent on other factors like dog speed and turning ability.



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In this episode (39:04)

We are joined by the 2014 24″ AKC Agility Invitational Champion Barb VanEseltine to discuss the challenges of running agility with a large dog.



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In this episode (46:10)

Our guest this week is Kayl McCann; a OneMind Dog coach and owner of Kayl McCann Dogs. We discuss the OneMind Dog methodology, how to apply it to YOUR dog, and some tips on finding the right move on course.



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In this episode (19:04)

Feeling overwhelmed in your training is not uncommon, especially for the advanced competitor. We share our struggles and our coping skills with you so that you can break through your own training paralysis.


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