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In this episode (18:35)

We discuss how challenging your dog can actually build understanding and confidence, which turn to speed and drive.



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In this episode (26:28)

We’re joined this week by Brittany Schaezler for a discussion on some of the common (and not so common) mistakes we’ve seen our inexperienced dogs make as they begin competing. Add these items to your list of proofing and training and you’ll have a few less mistakes to worry about with your next Novice dog!


Baby Trek

Brittany put together a video showing a few of these green dog mistakes we discussed in the podcast:

Brittany’s Notes: “1st video–notices the judge counting for the first time (she was in Masters at this point), and alarm barks and loses focus the rest of the run. 2nd video (USDAA Starters), you can see her drop her head and check out all 3 of the stars on the dogwalk. Tunnel under the dogwalk still bothers her, so no 2o2o. At the table, you can see that she’s looking at the judge the entire count. I don’t lose her at that point, but after the teeter, she self-releases to go check out the judges, but does come back and finishes the run.”

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