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This is the third podcast in our series on “Three Aspects of Agility Training”. In this podcast, we talk about individual obstacle performance and what kinds of challenges you need to address in training to give yourself the most handling options.


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This is the second podcast in our series on “Three Aspects of Agility Training”. In this podcast, we talk all about drive in the context of your agility performance. We define drive, discuss how you can build it, and explain the mistakes to avoid that will reduce your dog’s drive for dog agility.


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In this episode (37:36)

In this podcast, we talk to Shape Up Agility’s Justine Davenport and reigning EO Large Dog Champion Jessica Patterson. We discuss their recent success as well as their growing influence in handling both in Canada and throughout the world. (Editor’s Note: I kept losing track of which voice was Justine and which voice was Jessica. Here’s my cheat sheet: Justine has a lower voice, Jessica has a higher voice and a noticeable Canadian accent ;-) )



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In this episode (24:58)

In this podcast, we discuss how the sport of dog agility involves much more than just handling. This is the first in a series of four podcasts targeting beginner agility handlers (and the instructors who coach them).


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In this episode (21:33)

In this podcast, 2015 FCI Agility World Champion Pavol Vakonič shares his thoughts on training with his wife, his dogs, and his mental focus before his gold and silver medal runs.


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In this episode (23:16)

In this podcast we discuss the results of the 2015 FCI Agility World Championship as well as our own thoughts and impressions of the event.


Medal Count by Country

Slovenia: 8
Switzerland: 7
Italy: 6
Czech Republic: 5
Slovakia: 5
Sweden: 4
France: 3
Germany: 3
Great Britain: 3
Austria: 2
Belgium: 2
Poland: 2
Brazil: 1
Lithuania: 1
Russia: 1
USA: 1

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In this episode (21:16)

In this podcast we discuss why it’s important to move on to the next part of the course as soon as your dog is committed to an obstacle.


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In this episode (20:24)

Have you been told you have a ring-wise dog? In this podcast we discuss why we believe that most dogs labelled “ring-wise” actually aren’t, and why this is a very good things for agility competitors.

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In this episode (44:17)

Howard Boyle returns to the podcast after two international trips; first to the Moravia Open in the Czech Republic and then to the Canadian Classic.



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In this episode (22:49)

In this podcast, we discuss the role that theory and intuition play in agility training and handling.



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In this episode (21:34)

In this podcast, we discuss how to figure out the fastest path when presented a choice on course and how to improve this analytical skill.



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In this episode (19:50)

In this podcast, we discuss why the teeter is such a difficult obstacle for some dogs and some ways (including our favorite!) of training this obstacle.


Visit the Show Notes page to see a video of the Venture during his TipAssist training.

The TipAssist was developed by Lynne Stephens of Doglogic Canine Education of Statesville, NC and manufactured by Emmco Sport.


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In this episode (23:59)

In this podcast, we discuss how thinking about dog agility in terms of your system vs your talent can help improve your performances.



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In this episode (32:00)

We discuss how entitlement can affect our training and negatively impact the team selection process for international events.


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In this episode (18:35)

We discuss how challenging your dog can actually build understanding and confidence, which turn to speed and drive.



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In this episode (26:28)

We’re joined this week by Brittany Schaezler for a discussion on some of the common (and not so common) mistakes we’ve seen our inexperienced dogs make as they begin competing. Add these items to your list of proofing and training and you’ll have a few less mistakes to worry about with your next Novice dog!


Baby Trek

Brittany put together a video showing a few of these green dog mistakes we discussed in the podcast:

Brittany’s Notes: “1st video–notices the judge counting for the first time (she was in Masters at this point), and alarm barks and loses focus the rest of the run. 2nd video (USDAA Starters), you can see her drop her head and check out all 3 of the stars on the dogwalk. Tunnel under the dogwalk still bothers her, so no 2o2o. At the table, you can see that she’s looking at the judge the entire count. I don’t lose her at that point, but after the teeter, she self-releases to go check out the judges, but does come back and finishes the run.”

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Episode 102: International Man of Mystery Howard Boyle

In this episode (45:54)

Howard Boyle is a Houston, Texas based agility competitor who routinely travels around the world to compete in the sport of dog agility. He recently traveled to the Bailiwick of Jersey, an island off the coast of France, to compete in the Jersey European Agility Festival.


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In this episode (33:31)

This is the second part of a two part interview with Lee Gibson. Please listen to Part 1 first! In this podcast we continue our discussion on course design including specific challenges presented in the Crufts course as well as Lee’s thoughts on designing courses for or against the running contact.


Watch Esteban and Gitchi Run the 2015 Crufts International Finals Course

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In this episode (45:15)

This week we’re joined by Lee Gibson, the judge of the International Finals course at Crufts this year. We discuss the responsibility judges have to influence the sport and the pressures on judges and their course design.



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In this episode (1:04:33)

This podcast is all about the international Team Tryouts for Team USA. We talk about our experience there, the courses, the judges, the surface, the handlers, the dogs, and speculate about who might be picked for the remaining team spots.



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In this episode (16:09)

Improve your training by taking the time to reset your dog properly after a mistake.


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In this episode (23:49)

The bulk of your agility training time is spent in transition from one repetition to the next! In this podcast, we discuss the importance of this transition time and how short, rewarding transitions will help your agility training!



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In this episode (50:56)

In this podcast, we delve into the challenges and myths involved in transitioning a dog to European-style international coursework, including “demotivating” maneuvers, wrap versus rear cross confusion, bar knocking, and more.


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In this episode (35:21)

We’ve got Desiree Snelleman on the podcast to talk about her latest National Agility Championship win as well as her experiences at Crufts, FCI Worlds, IFCS and her life before dog agility!
(photo by Howard Boyle)


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In this episode (41:02)

We’re back from the 2015 AKC National Agility Championship and sharing our thoughts on the event, the courses, the results, and the livestream!


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In this episode (13:59)

The Director of AKC Agility, Carrie DeYoung joins us to clarify the difference between the International Sweepstakes Class (ISC) and the Premier Class being offered at this year’s AKC National Agility Championship. We also get some additional information about the challenges presented, titling possibilities, and timeline for this new class.


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In this episode (38:57)

The Bad Dog Agility PowerScore ranking for the AKC National Agility Championship is back! We crunched the numbers for every single dog entered in the upcoming AKC National Agility Championship. Data comes from the qualifying period for this event (12/1/2013 – 11/30/2014). We discuss the top dogs, the statistical trends from last year to this year, and the addition of the Premier and ISC warm-up round.

excelClick Here to see the ranking spreadsheet (version 1.0).


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In this episode

Crufts, the largest dog show in the world, took place this past weekend. In this podcast, we talk about the coverage, courses, and competitors.



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In this episode (35:05)

Today is Dog Agility Blogger Action Day and the topic is “health and well being”. In this podcast we’re joined by Robby Porter to talk about strength, conditioning and body awareness for your canine athlete.



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In this episode (35:05)

Lori Daigle, the 8″ winner of the 2015 Masters Agility Championship at Westminster, joins us to discuss the challenges of running agility with a small dog.



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In this episode (52:44)

We discuss the results of the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster, the event structure, thoughts on crowning a champion, the broadcast, a heartwarming tale of triumph after TPLO, and Cesar Millan intruding on the sport of agility.


Enjoy this video of Brittany Schaezler’s sheltie Ticket!



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In this episode (21:03)

In this podcast, we discuss how to use your time effectively before, during, and after the walkthrough to reduce forgetfulness on course. We also discuss some tips for improving your course memorization skills.


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In this episode (40:04)

We discuss our thoughts on ranking systems including the AKC Invitational rankings and our own Power 60 and Breed Power 10.



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In this episode (29:33)

We discuss the possibility that advances in handling have made the sport too dependent on other factors like dog speed and turning ability.



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In this episode (39:04)

We are joined by the 2014 24″ AKC Agility Invitational Champion Barb VanEseltine to discuss the challenges of running agility with a large dog.



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In this episode (46:10)

Our guest this week is Kayl McCann; a OneMind Dog coach and owner of Kayl McCann Dogs. We discuss the OneMind Dog methodology, how to apply it to YOUR dog, and some tips on finding the right move on course.



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In this episode (19:04)

Feeling overwhelmed in your training is not uncommon, especially for the advanced competitor. We share our struggles and our coping skills with you so that you can break through your own training paralysis.


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