Bad Dog Agility Podcast

In this episode (37:41)

In this episode, Sarah, Jennifer and Esteban have a detailed discussion on why some dogs have better contacts in training than in trials, and how you can fix that.

You Will Learn

  • Common mistakes made when trainers try to fix contact issues.
  • How to reward your dog for good contacts at a trial without taking food into the ring.
  • Why and how to leave the ring with your dog for a contact error.
  • Why you should leave the training field with your dog for a contact error.
  • How to properly reward your dog in training during contact work.


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In this episode (50:28)

In this episode, the team discusses the impact of Covid-19 on major dog agility events in the United States, highlighting various adjustments and postponements including the recently announced changes for Westminster 2021.

You Will Learn

  • How Covid-19 has impacted major agility events.
  • How the US Open went 100% virtual.
  • What Covid-19 precautions are in effect at the AKC Invitational.
  • When European Tryouts for Team USA have been postponed to.
  • Westminster’s new date and location for 2021.
  • Why dog agility is being featured on a South Korean variety show.
  • The important of mask wearing to the future of dog agility.
  • Esteban’s thoughts on vaccine development.


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In this episode (39:25)

In this episode, Sarah, Jennifer, and Esteban highlight the challenges of dog agility’s “extending” obstacles: the tire, the double/ascending, the triple, the panel, the wall/viaduct, and the broad/long jump.

You Will Learn

  • Why these obstacles tend to cause dogs to extend their jumping/striding.
  • How dogs measure their take off point: which bar do they consider the “main” one?
  • How to overcome problems with specialty jumps.


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In this episode (19:40)

In this episode, Jennifer, Sarah, and Esteban talk about cheerleading in dog agility.

You Will Learn

  • Why people use cheerleading in dog agility.
  • Why cheerleading may not be the fix you think it is.
  • When cheerleading is okay.
  • Which BDA instructor was a cheerleader in the movie Bring It On.
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In this episode (19:43)

In this episode, Jennifer, Sarah, and Esteban discuss the three elements of “wise feedback” in dog agility. Learn how you can give yourself (or your students) more valuable feedback that leads to immediate improvement.

You Will Learn

  • What the three elements of wise feedback are.
  • Common feedback mistakes that handlers make.
  • Why high standards are important for feedback.
  • Why instruction is more helpful than evaluation.
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