Bad Dog Agility Podcast

In this episode (33:45)

In this episode, Sarah and Esteban discuss the concept of proofing, pointing out common misconceptions and explaining exactly how you should use proofing in your agility training.

You Will Learn

  • How to define proofing.
  • How to use proofing to your maximum advantage.
  • The most common misconception about proofing.
  • Why Americans don’t like the metric system.


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In this episode (50:06)

In this episode, Sarah and Esteban discuss how training a dolphin to swim upside down can help your dog run faster on course.

You Will Learn

  • How SeaWorld trainers use various rewards during training.
  • Which reward surprised Esteban the most.
  • How SeaWorld trainers deal with mistakes.
  • Whether Isaac is better at Math or Dating.


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In this episode (50:09)

In this podcast, Director of Agility for the American Kennel Club Carrie DeYoung joins Sarah and Esteban to talk about the upcoming AKC Invitational, which will be held December 14-16, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

You Will Learn

  • Why many agility organizers outside of the United States are interested in the Invitational.
  • How many dogs attend the Invitational.
  • How many dogs compete in AKC Agility.
  • How the junior championship event works.


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