Bad Dog Agility Podcast

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In this podcast, we discuss how the sport of dog agility involves much more than just handling. This is the first in a series of four podcasts targeting beginner agility handlers (and the instructors who coach them).


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In this podcast, 2015 FCI Agility World Champion Pavol Vakonič shares his thoughts on training with his wife, his dogs, and his mental focus before his gold and silver medal runs.


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In this podcast we discuss the results of the 2015 FCI Agility World Championship as well as our own thoughts and impressions of the event.


Medal Count by Country

Slovenia: 8
Switzerland: 7
Italy: 6
Czech Republic: 5
Slovakia: 5
Sweden: 4
France: 3
Germany: 3
Great Britain: 3
Austria: 2
Belgium: 2
Poland: 2
Brazil: 1
Lithuania: 1
Russia: 1
USA: 1

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In this podcast we discuss why it’s important to move on to the next part of the course as soon as your dog is committed to an obstacle.


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Have you been told you have a ring-wise dog? In this podcast we discuss why we believe that most dogs labelled “ring-wise” actually aren’t, and why this is a very good things for agility competitors.

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