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Episode 102: International Man of Mystery Howard Boyle

In this episode (45:54)

Howard Boyle is a Houston, Texas based agility competitor who routinely travels around the world to compete in the sport of dog agility. He recently traveled to the Bailiwick of Jersey, an island off the coast of France, to compete in the Jersey European Agility Festival.


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In this episode (33:31)

This is the second part of a two part interview with Lee Gibson. Please listen to Part 1 first! In this podcast we continue our discussion on course design including specific challenges presented in the Crufts course as well as Lee’s thoughts on designing courses for or against the running contact.


Watch Esteban and Gitchi Run the 2015 Crufts International Finals Course

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In this episode (45:15)

This week we’re joined by Lee Gibson, the judge of the International Finals course at Crufts this year. We discuss the responsibility judges have to influence the sport and the pressures on judges and their course design.



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In this episode (1:04:33)

This podcast is all about the international Team Tryouts for Team USA. We talk about our experience there, the courses, the judges, the surface, the handlers, the dogs, and speculate about who might be picked for the remaining team spots.



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