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In this episode (30:03)

In this episode, Director of Westminster Companion Events joins Sarah and Esteban to talk about the upcoming Masters Championship at Westminster, including important changes for both competitors and viewers.

You Will Learn

  • What upgrades Westminster has made for competitors.
  • How you can view the preliminary rounds on livestream.
  • Which network the Finals will be broadcast on tape delay.
  • Who the judges are for this year. How the prize pool will be distributed.
  • Why Meet the Breeds will not take place in conjunction with agility this year.

Fix and Go at Westminster

After the podcast, we received confirmation from Paul Campanella, Director of Agility for the Westminster Kennel Club, that Fix and Go WILL be allowed during the Preliminary rounds at the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster. However, FNG runs are scored as an E, and an E in a preliminary round disqualifies the team for the finals. Fix and Go will NOT be permitted during the Finals.


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